3DS: SafeSysUpdater is in development

For those of you who waited for safer downgrading options, your patience has paid off. GBATemp user cpasjuste has taken the time to develop a safer forked version of SysUpdater. This version is even highly regarded by JustPingo and that’s great to hear 🙂 People with Hard Modded 3DS systems have been testing this version. If you aren’t familiar with JustPingo’s upcoming KernelTimeMachine you can read about it here. Please be aware JustPingo hasn’t released anything yet but he has done alot of research and contributed to the SysUpdater Tutorial method. Personally I would recommend waiting to see what other 3ds developments unfold.


Here are the features of SafeSysUpdater :

  • automatically load update information (needed files, md5) based on your 3DS model and region
  • md5 check all the cia update files before downgrading
  • Can check your update files without actually downgrading

There is even a cia version to downgrade from emuNAND for testing and reporting bugs. This downgrading process is the same as the unstable version. Like all downgrading options, nothing is ever 100% safe and if you don’t want to wait for KernelTimeMachine to release you have this new option. Justpingo assures everyone he will continues his work on KTM and has stated if your impatient use SafeSysUpdater.

Be sure to spread the information here to the masses. This will definitely help when your trying to find the proper downgrade files. If you were successful to downgrade you can check out this RXTools tutorial to get you started on using a Free CFW on your 3DS here. Will you wait for KTM or will you use SafeSysUpdater? Leave your comments below.

SysUpdater Tutorial Credits:

  • @Steveice10, @TuxSH, @julian20, @mid-kid, @delebile, @MassExplosion213, and @motezazer for working on memchunkhax2.
  • profi200 for sysUpdater, and @TuxSH for getting it to work for properly downgrading. Also, let’s not forget @Steveice10 for the current, more stable app.
  • @JustPingo for various research efforts and for the upcoming KTM, a safer way to do this.

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    He has never done anything yet
    Nothing than hot air