3DS: Reports say Nintendo blocks online play on older firmwares

A Nintendo 3DS hacker/developer smea today tweeted that he has been getting reports about Nintendo blocking online play on older firmwares.


People immediately started replying, and it looks like smea’s reports were true, because most users indeed can’t play online on older firmwares. They can’t even access the Friend List:

smea_tweets (1)smea_tweets (2)

smea_tweets (3)

Additonally, one user reported about another nasty protection implemented by Nintendo:

smea_tweets (1)

Someone suggested that downgrading the “Friend List” applet might fix the issue, but there haven’t been any other comments regarding that:

smea_tweets (2)

Still, some users say they have no problems, but the majority has them, so it’s probable that Nintendo is blocking online play on older firmwares. There’s still more investigation that has to be done, though. Moreover, you can still play online using emunand. We will keep you updated.

Here’s what smea thinks about it:


Did you ran into any problems regarding online play/Friend List on older firmwares? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Ah fug the first real comeback nintendo is making to the hacking community
    Fuck. I mean really, if unlicensed stuff is found it blocks online play? Shit. Everyones fucked for now then eh?

  2. Wonder how long they’ve been holding that ace up their sleeve.

  3. They are trying now to strengthen their systems. The reason should be obvious. See what works, what doesn’t, and determine what goes into the NX for anti-modder practices. Don’t need security being circumvented with no consequence. There is bound to be more to it, but it’s more of a ‘why haven’t they done this already’ then anything else.
    Blacklist scans, firmware checks, system config and components checks, etc…

  4. Hahaha! Thank heck I setup rxTools in time.

  5. Is Gateway on new3ds emunand working on 10.5? I’m still on 10.4 and would like to know if I can update, I would like to be able to play the new smash dlc online..

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