3DS: RXTools/ReiNAND dual CFW tutorial


If you looking for eShop access on New 3DS emuNAND 10.5, you have come to the right place. The point of this tutorial is to get you setup for dual CFW installation. Both RXTools and ReiNAND use the same emuNAND setup. Reisyukaku has updated his popular open source New 3DS CFW to 3.2 to support 10.5 emuNAND. Let it be known if you currently have an RXTools setup and you start using ReiNAND. You will lose emuNAND access on the RXTools side (If using the nightly build). However, if you can still boot RXTools Menu to access dev tools and other options. You need to setup the RXTools Tutorial first and then comeback here. That way you will have emuNAND and FBI ready to use in ReiNAND.

ReiNAND now supports 10.2 firmlaunch and received emuNAND stability updates too.



This setup will allow you to have the boot manager to launch RXTools, Homebrew Launcher and ReiNAND. My boot.cfg will give you a user friendly experience and has no timeout to automatically boot into a certain option. It will even help you out with other CFWs you may want to use later on! 🙂 Enjoy my friends!


  1. Setup RXTools with emuNAND and FBI.
  2. Unzip ReiNAND and CTR Boot Manager files.
  3. Place the contents of the ReiNAND folder into the root of the SD Card. (Let it overwrite everything)
  4. Place the firmware.bin file in [SD:\rei]
  5. Setup Themehax using
  6. Place my boot.cfg in the root of the SD Card. (Let it overwrite)
  7. Boot ReiNAND thru the CTR Boot Manager (according to the setup you use)
  8. Go to the system settings app.
  9. Check the system version and you should have a Rei by your current system version. If not repeat steps 7. – 8.
  10. Setup an internet connection if you haven’t already set one up in emuNAND already.
  11. Double check again your system version has Rei by your current system version
  12. Update your system how you normally would
  13. Repeat steps 7. – 8. and you should have the latest emuNAND (Rei by your system version)
  14. ??
  15. Profit


Now you have RX Tools Menu options, FBI to install cias and access to the latest emuNAND support via ReiNAND. From this point on I would recommend not updating your emuNAND past 10.3 until its confirmed to work. Last time updating emuNAND past 9.5 resulted in a non working emuNAND. I hope you have enjoyed these Gateway free solution tutorials.

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  1. How would I install rxtools if I already installed reinand first?

  2. hi , how do i go about adding gateway menu?
    i have a gateway and i want to dual boot from cfw or gateway.
    can provide details?

  3. YOur boot does not work anymore, link is broke

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