3DS: Easier Rom Hacking with SaltySD

3DS Developer Shiny Quagsire is currently working on a new method to allow easier modifications of 3DS roms. SaltySD is looking great and source code is even available on his github page. If the Dev name sounds familiar its because he well known for his work on porting GPSP (Gameboy Advance Emulator) for the Nintendo 3DS.

This allows you to load resources from the SD card rather than using romFS. Hans used the romFS method and this is a bit complicated for the general user. This means easy access to mods and hacks for the Nintendo 3DS system. Once this releases you can expect mod community to really get fired up on making more resources for future games. At the moment SaltySD currently supports Super Smash Bros and more than likely other titles are planned for compatibility. Personally I can’t wait until Pokemon Neo X & Y and other projects to be supported.

Maybe we can expect really cool mods like the Wii had with Project M. 🙂 What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you excited about this and what are you hoping to unfold in the following months?

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  1. Interesting… if this method only requires to drag & drop a few files to the SD card and eventually support most if not all games then i can see a good future of romhacks with SaltySD 🙂

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