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Psvita Battery Mod Overview

Just a one month ago I did the Psvita battery Mod. After using it for a whole month, I can say I’m happily pleased. There have been no issues whatsoever with it and the extra battery adds very little weight, but it’s nearly unnoticeable. There is a slight increase in …

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Sony CES 2014 Update

Well, those of us excited by the prospect of a Vita TV or 2K Vita announcement for the US at this year’s CES are just going to have to wait longer. Nothing. Nada. Zip. While disappointing, Sony did have some rather cool news for gamers in the form of PlayStation …

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Release of TN-V 7.2

This week is a coding week for Total_Noob. That’s why he brought so many updates since the release of TN-V4. This one is probably the last update and further more he really has no time for coding. Also, he won’t go through the forum to read the bugs and problems anymore. …

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What happen to the PlayStop Network?

What is the PlayStop Network it is a homebrew version of PSN. It allows you to download VHBL and CEF (TN-V) Homebrew, Emulators and Application, that ready to be transferred right to your psvita with open cma. It is every similar to PSN, only on your PC but downloading homebrews …

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RELEASE: TN-V7.1 improves DLC compatibility

Total_Noob is at it again and has updated TN-V to fixed some bug that have been reported.  He has added possibility to hide DLC’s in game menu , fixed black screen with some games when using the NoDRM engine, improved DLC compatibility, and has Removed ‘Use VSH Menu’ from recovery menu. …

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TN-V 7 Is Here & It Improves System Stability.

I hope you all had a good christmas, Well Total_Noob has fixed some issue’s with ‘QSP’ bug it shouldn’t appear anymore and some more additional fixes. So here is a another present from Total_Noob for you guys  Sorry but the updater does not reset TN-V configurations anymore so you will need to …

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