ARK eCFW for Ape Escape exploit on FW 3.50

Just this weekend very one had a chance to get TN-V11 for Ape Escape for 3.36/3.50. While there are still many issue with TN-V11 and FW 3.350, the main problem is the you can not write to the game folder.  So no homebrew & emulators unless you turn them into iso. Now ISO backups seem to work fine at the moment, as long as you put them in the TN-V save files. ae01

Well, Qwikrazor87 has just released ARK for Ape Escape for 3.50, if you remember he just release world of pool exploit that worked fine with ARK. The next best thing about ARK is you can use the ONEMenu with some great features that come in hand, when installing your favorited homebrew, emulators, and iso backups.

These new files for ARK have been tested, and if everything works out for you, give the ONEMenu a shot you will really like it..wpid-20150411_103107.jpg

Download: FW350 APE US ARK

Download: ONEMenu V2

More themes for the ONEMenu here..

Click here if you  Need Help With the ONEMenu

An here is more help withe the ONEMenu and for TN-V11 or ARK on FW 3.50.. 



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  1. Ok bare with me . im learning and ive been away from the scene for a kool minute. now am i not longer needed to xfer the TVN folder and what im i use to xfer the folder?regular way or QMCA?

  2. Ok im a little lost. what are we copying over to the vita? mind you im first timer .please help 🙂

  3. It Worked, but it starts that black screen where I should start de menu, but I don´t know what to do, the TVN folder does not appears.

  4. Can you guys help me?
    This servile worked perfectly, but I don´t know how to run the PSP menu, TVN folder does not appear and I am not able to transfer the OneMenu.