PSVita: ePSP Exploit Mania for FW 3.36/3.50

This weekend was one hell of a time for the Vita scene. We had leaks, exploit releases for 3.36 & 3.50 and exploit games brought back to the PlayStation store. That’s not all, just a couple of days ago qwikrazor87’s released: World of Pool/Pool Hall Pro Exploit.wpid-20150418_091826-1.jpg

Following  links below are to read more about this crazy Exploit Mania.

TN-V11 & New scene drama incoming!?

Most 3.36 ePSP Exploit games are back on the PS Store & one can run TN-V11!

Tutorial: TN-V11 for PSVita FW 3.18/3.36

Ape Escape exploit revealed for PSVita FW 3.36/3.50


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