Ape Escape exploit revealed for PSVita FW 3.36/3.50

You’ve probably noticed how qwikrazor was teasing us with the “publicly known, still not patched” kernel exploit. Today, he revealed the name of the game.


Ape Escape: On the Loose, originally released for PSP in 2010 only in the US, later found to be easily exploitable using player name (you can read more about it here and here). Now it looks like the game hasn’t said its last word yet and can be used to run eCFW on PS Vita, even on firmware 3.50.

Let’s put together some facts about the Ape Escape exploit:
– The exploit was found by several people.
– It’s not in the ePSP blacklist.
– It doesn’t require a second device to trigger. (Yay!)
– It’s patchable (because it’s a normal savedata exploit).
– It works on both 3.36 and 3.50 (but you still won’t be able to create bubbles on FW 3.50).
– It’s US only.

How to install & trigger:
Make sure you have Ape Escape downloaded in your PS Vita and backed up in your PC/PS3.
1) Download the archive with files. DOWNLOAD ( Having issues try this one DOWNLOAD)
2) Go to the folder of your firmware (3.36 or 3.50) and transfer its content (2 save folders) to your PS Vita via QMCA (CMA with Vita update blocker for 3.36FW)
3) Start game
4) Load game > Load > First entry (Fossil Field) > Yes (press X)
Credits: qwikrazor87

ae01 ae02





If you did everything correctly, you should now be able to use TN-V11 (in a less complicated way), plus if you’re on firmware 3.36, you can try create some custom bubbles. What are custom bubbles?
This is not possible on firmware 3.50 yet, because the only method to create bubbles that was released is patched.
I still don’t recommend updating to 3.50, but if you’re already there, Ape Escape is your best option.

This exploit has not been tested on PlayStation TV yet.

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  1. how to install isos

  2. doesnt load on 3.50 i get an error

  3. I am still on 3.36, is there a way that i can buy this game from the store and transfer it to the vita? Tried with the ps3, but i asked me to update the handheld. Does vita update blocker still work?

  4. I haven’t saw one confirm case of it working on 3.50 I’ve been at this for hours still same c1-2858-3 code and it hangs at gray screen please help

    • just checking you in install both file for ape escape via cma,..and that 660 files go in that folder TNV_54321 of the save

    • exactly bruh i still havent gotten it working and i have been at it all night

    • k, so the z says that the problem is due to using opem cma or regular cma, it messes with the ability to copy over the TNV folder.

      Use QCMA, just did it on 3.36 and finally got past the grey screen and the c1-2858-3 code. now to get the 660 files installed.

      remember that qcma changes folder structure that is used in the others, have to go to the c:\user\username\ps vita\psavedata\uniquenumbersandlettershere\ and copy the 2 exploit folders here, then transfer them to the vita. make sure all other cma’s are shut off.

      good luck!

  5. I tried transferring Ape Escape from my PS3->Vita. But it doesn’t work. Any suggestion to how I can transfer it? I am on 3.36.

  6. I bought the game, I installed QCMA on my windows and right now I need to put the files on the ps vita via usb, but I just don’t know how 🙁

  7. I put both of the folders into “/user/PS Vita/PSAVEDATA/numbersandletters/”. Then I placed the renamed “660.PBP” in the “TNV_54321” folder. With the PS Vita connected to my PC using QCMA, I was only able to see and copy the “UCUS986090000” folder. Why not the “TNV_54321” folder?

  8. The instructions say to copy the TN-V folder.

    How do I do that? I have QMAC running, I can see the Ape Escape save file, and I can transfer that. How do I transfer the TN-V folder?

  9. Ok. so im running on 3.50. just got Ape escape from the store. installed and all. now i xfer the 2 folders included in the back via Content manager. the save file shows. loads . screen goes grey and then the error code appears. can anyone help? had this ps vita sitting in my desk for awhile. just trying to play some emuloters on it 😛 please and thank you 🙂