ONEMenu is here to help with for TN-V & ARK on FW3.50

Ok guys, I know a lot of you are having problems installing Homebrews on TN-V 11 or ARK. Well, we have a very simple solution for you. Here is what you need to do. First, download OneMenu and follow these directions:


Rename EBOOT.PBP to RECOVERY.PBP and put all files in the “TNV_54321” folder.


INSTALL.ZIP -> PSP/VHBL/HB/FBOOT.PBP (Must be FBOOT.PBP!!) (in ARK EBOOT.PBP should be okay though)


Transfer your files/saves use CMA (QCMA).

Start your exploit TNV-11 (Hold “R” for Recovery Menu)

Select “Run program at /TNV_54321/RECOVERY.PBP”



In ONEMenu press Triangle and enable these options: SCAN SAVES & SCAN VHBL and then restart ONEMenu.


Go to the category ZIP Files and install your zips


Remember the installation folder will be “PSP/VHBL”



If you are using ARK the step are the same as with TN-V11, but you don’t have to go though the recovery menu as Ark just boots the ONEMenu right up..

Download: ONEMenu V2


If you like gdljjrod ONEMenu.. You can make a donation to him here:


Here is a list of VHBL emulators already done and more themes for the ONEMenu..




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  1. i only got the test snes emulator working, i could not for the life of me get anything else to detect. i ended up using ftp as recovery on tnv and transfering directly to vhbl folder, then removing tnv and switching back to ark worked like a charm

  2. So all your games and emulators have to go into the VHBL folder do i make a folder for it

  3. Sorry but I still don´t understand how to “install” games and homebrews on OneMenu, how do I transfer it to my PS Vita.