Oclock Vita a simple taiHEN plugin for overclocking your PSVita/PSTV

Over the Holiday break frangar released Oclock Vita a simple taiHEN plugin for overclocking your PSVita or the PSTV. He has also added support for games to be decrypted and encrypted, this means we no longer have to dump our games just to overclock them. Installation Put “oclockvita.suprx” in ‘tai’ folder in the root of your …

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Easy and safe way to update the PSVita or PSTV to FW3.60

Manually updating your PSVita or PSTV can be quite a challenge and if you don’t get the right pup file (vita FW file) and XML file or edit it properly, it will fail to install. With the holiday season an upon us, we could see a lot of newcomers to the vita scene wanting to use HENkaku or taiHENkaku and might …

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PSVita: taiHENkaku Beta 6 released & porting it to other FW is easier than ever

Since the release of adrenaline, I’m pretty sure that 90% of us use taiHENkaku even more then HENkaku now. This new release fixes a few problems like the PSVita or PSTV needing to restart in when changing HENkaku configurations. New Features Updated molecularShell to 1.43 which supports changing HENkaku config without needing reboot. …

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