Adrenaline EasyInstaller updated fix issues & has a couple of new features

The Adrenaline EasyInstaller app has become one of our most popular homebrew with over 100,000 downloads and that not counting other sites that may have it on their server. With this Homebrew, you can install and uninstall Adrenaline as well as the custom LiveArea theme very easily.

Now with every update to taiHENkaku it seems to mess with Adrenaline EasyInstaller, so Freakler has to update it every so often as it was reported to stop games from working or people had to reformat their memory cards. It didn’t happen to everyone but enough for us to take note and fix it.With this release, we hope everything is fixed and we also added CelesteBlue123‘s content installer if anyone needs it.

Let us know in the comments below if you run into any problems.

Download: AdrenalineEasyInstaller

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  1. The new version did not work for me so I went back to the old one.

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