Adrenaline EasyInstaller updated to v1.03 and open-sourced now

With this Homebrew, you can install and uninstall Adrenaline as well as the custom LiveArea theme easily. This release installs “” but you can manually replace the files inside this vpk if there happens to be an update. If you find any bugs please let me know. :)

Download: AdrenalineEasyInstaller.vpk (v1.02)

Adrenaline EasyInstaller is updated to v1.03 and open-sourced now as well! Yes, I keep my promises!

You now no longer need to manually download and place the 661.PBP firmware file. Everything is automated now!

Note: If you already got Adrenaline up and running you don’t need to do anything!


Download: AdrenalineEasyInstaller.vpk (v1.03)


Have fun 🙂

Also thanks to ACViper for converting my icon ;)

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  1. and what we need in order to get this to work? do we still need the psp demo? thanks in advance and first!

    • I was wondering the same thing. I’m hoping they release a way to use psone games. That or find a way to copy PSP games.

      • There is a way to copy psp games, rename the ID of the game psp game you want to copy with vitashell, transfer it via QCMA, rename it back, tranfer the renamed one back from the pc with QCMA and than you have 2 copys of the same game

        • I was talking about being able to dump the PSP game with the Vita. If you already have a PSP game you wouldn’t need another one. I was hoping for a solution for those who didn’t get one in time.

  2. This works great! I managed to download Loco roco carnival demo on my PS3, then did the transfer trick to an older fw vita. And all i did was hit install. It downloaded the 661.pbp which took about 5 mins but it was super easy. Thanks

  3. This just deleted almost every game on my memory card, which I can’t redownload.

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