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Windows 95 running on the 3DS

The 3DS community is on a roll and I’m loving the momentum people. First the 3DS receives a port of Linux and now enter Windows 95!!! GBATemp user Shutterbug2000 has Windows 95 on the New 3DS running successfully. Windows 95 runs ok for what the New 3DS offers and as …

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Linux on the 3DS by xerpi

Developer xerpi as released Linux for the 3DS, xerpi has done quite a bit of work in the Vita scene and 3DS scene. A while back you may have seen a tweet about Linux on the 3DS, at that time xerpi was doing the porting of it and back then it didn’t do much. …

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Smealum releases new starter kit with updated menuhax & old-ironfall-downloader for the 3DS

Today Smealum, Derrek, and Plutoo were at the Chaos Communication Congress giving their Keynotes on 3DS hacking. At the end of the keynote, Smealum said he would be releasing something for everyone, well he just did that on twitter. new starter kit with updated menuhax AND old-ironfall-downloader is up ! get it here https://t.co/iuL7zsX4LY get …

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