Homebrew Release: RegistryEditor v1.0 for Vita & PSTV

Someone named Some1 (sorry I couldn’t resist) just released a neat little but powerful registry editor homebrew for use with HENkaku.



Simple app that allows you to read and edit all registry settings in an organized manner. UI heavily based on The FloW’s VitaShell.

So basically with this Homebrew you will be able to easily change a lot of settings within seconds, read out information and more. But whats especially cool about this one is that it can even handle the debug/testkit registry entries (which are not yet usable on a normal retail vita but may be of use in the future 😉 )

Download: RegistryEditor.vpk

Source: via github.com

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  1. But don’t change anything if you don’t know what it does. This is a brick waiting to happen if one is careless with it.

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