New Webkit Exploit for PS4 & PSVita incoming???

Within the last few days, more and more info has gone public about a possible new WebKit exploit that could work for the latest PS4 firmware.


Trusted developer @qwertyoruiop known for his work in the iPhone Jailbreak scene, seems to be working on a use-after-free Webkit exploit that should be compatible with the PS4..

Note: To this point nothing was really confirmed and the bug was investigated mainly for being used on iPhones but as it seems more than just Qwertyoriup knew about this bug..


Today another dev named Hunter123 stepped in on this and released a simplyfied PoC that should trigger an out of memory error addressing especially the Vita.


We also tested it on the PS4 with FW 3.50 and got the “out of memory error”, results.PS4 poc 350FW

You can test it out yourself over here:

However this still may not mean anything at this point and we would need to wait on further progress to see what this could lead too.. But if this could lead to a new WebKit exploit for the PS4, I’m sure a lot of people would love to see that as it would be a new entry point to further kernel-isch exploits! So stay tuned 🙂

Source: github,

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  1. Doesn’t do anything on my 3.57 Vita. It just loops between the “Please wait…” message on a grey background, and trying to display a small table. No crash, no error.

    • For My is the same thing,says please wait,Loop appear Please wait . . .and finaly display a small table
      My PS Vita is in 3.52

  2. PKG instaler incoming?

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