PSVIMGtools Tutorial Compilation for your FW3.63 PSVita & PSTV

Thanks to PSVIMGtools released last week, there are a couple of PSVita hacks you can now do again on your up-to-date Vita/PSTV or even on lower FW. Here are some of the updated tutorials from our PlayStationGuide that could be interesting for you: Especially if you are on FW 3.63!

– ePSP Bubbles –

How to install an ARK eCFW Bubble

How to install a VHBL Bubble


How to install PBOOT Homebrew Bubbles


– Registry Hacks –

How to activate Semi-Debug Mode

How to swap your X/O button assignment

How to fake your devices’ region


– Custom Themeing –

How to install Custom Themes + Themes


How to fully customize PSP/Vita Bubbles


– PlayStationTV only –

How to install the PSTV whitelist patch (v2)


How to activate the Welcome Park on a PSTV

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  1. Please convert the program 64 bit 32 bit PSVIMGtools

  2. can i hack my 3.61 vita tv without ps vita?

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