New Hax Payloads for FW 11.4 released but only for the NEW 3DS

The 3DS scene never ends to surprise all of us with all of its great spoils. This time Yellow8 & Smea have updated the payloads to work on FW 11.4 but only with the NEW 3DS and there no telling when we could see this work on the old 3DS. As it seems, most are not really looking into the old 3DS since you can find a lot of them on older FW. Plus there’s probably more people buying new units then old ones with newer FW.

Right now, FW 11.4 on the 3DS patches UDSPLOIT, SAFEHAX, and SOUNDHAX but NINJHAX is working on the NEW 3DS. Now if you use any of these exploits please do not update and once again this only works for the NEW 3DS. Also, don’t update to 11.4 as it too fixes a workaround that lets you use safehax for arm9 code execution on FW 11.3

New Hax Payloads for 3DS FW 11.4

So this basically means you will be able to use the homebrew launcher once again on the latest FW, but with only the NEW 3DS. You can get all the latest updates for NINJHAX here.

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  1. When will it come out for the old 3ds?

  2. I am a complete noob I had Soundhax on FW 11.3 I mainly used Homebrew for JK Save manager to save Pokemon SUN data i wish I would of waited before updating. any tips for the future? or anything I can do with FW 11.4 to use a JK Save manager?

    • you can obligatori!1 instal fbi.cia and JKSV.CIA if you do, you can use JKSVM without enter HOMEBREW

  3. I used Soundhax for editing my Animal Crossing new leaf maps and uncarefully updated on Fw 11.4….-.-
    Have got a New 3Ds, is there any way to use Homebrew and Jk Save again?? (I’m a noob in hacking and happy to underdtood how to use soundhax so please make it easy xD)

    • If you have a new 3ds on 11.4, then there is one way to access homebrew which is the main problem everyone is having. If you get cubic ninja, you can use ninjihax to access the homebrew menu, and I am about to test and see if I can access the save manager to import and export saves for ACNL. I probably won’t be back but if you have a retail copy and you get homebrew working, then I believe you can but I’m not sure about the copy from the Eshop (which I have)

  4. I have got a old 3DS and I used Soundhax for editing my Animal Crossing new leaf maps but my ds updated automatically to 11.4 do you think there will be a way to edit it again at some point?

    • I’m sorry but as of now you cannot edit your town unless you have CFW installed already. It may happen at some point but not very soon as if what I know.

  5. I have an old 3ds, is there a way yet to hack with Soundhax?

  6. id want to know about updates to the hacking of 11.4 firmware as of right now. most of us cant afford a new system ty

  7. Danm after paying a lot of money for the cubic ninja cartridge now I can no longer use homebrew because I own an old 3ds, splendid.