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HowTo: Install ‘hShop’ the ‘FreeShop’ Alternative for 3DS.

For those who have been in the 3DS scene for a while, you may have been aware of the homebrew application called FreeShop. It’s for those with a modded 3DS who need to download games from the eShop. There are several legal reasons why someone would want to do this, …

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Holiday Gifts for TWiLight Users

2022 has been officially rang in and the scene has brought it’s own share of surprises. From the PS4 with plenty to do on a 9.0.0 jailbreak (like seriously, you can do them right now) to a new release from RocketRobz. If you own a Nintendo handheld that has two …

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3DS: Nintendo Announces standard size New 3DS system for USA

It seems everything is getting a new paint job every month and the New 3DS is no different as Nintendo has announced the standard size New 3DS for the US. Microsoft and Sony have been announcing Limited Edition consoles left and right. While I enjoy my Limited Edition 3DS, I’ve …

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