Save Wizard for PS4 USA/EU version going live soon!!!!

Hello people!! I have some wonderful news on the Save Wizard for PS4 US/EU version!! For those of you who are like me and love to mod your game saves, thanks to harryoke1973 I have a website for you to keep an eye on! I’ll share it at the bottom of this article. If the site isn’t active then it’s not available yet. DON’T BE ALARMED IF YOU GET AN ERROR!!!! Just keep checking back!!!

( Note: That Save Wizard will be the new official name for the US/EU and pictures will be also updated as soon as they send us the new versions for the US/EU.)

Sometime very soon the US/EU version of the popular PS4 save editor, Save Wizard, will go live for purchase. I have an inside track on some of the games available and let me tell you this is going to be amazing. I don’t know the price but if it’s anything like the Asia version it’ll be around $50.00 USD. I would say that’s not too bad of a price considering you can edit a lot of games and it will constantly be updated with more and more games.

Update: The price of the saved wizard for the PS4 is going to be $49.99 USD.

Register up to 4 PSN IDs at any one time*.

Install and use Save Wizard For PS4 MAX on up to three computers at any time, ex; desktop and laptop.

Unlimited access to the full library of supported games and cheats for 24 months from first activation of Save Wizard For PS4 MAX .

Once a PSN ID has been registered, it cannot be removed for at least 30 days. For more information, please consult the manual.

If you ever used The Game Genie for PS3 then you’ll be able to run this program from the start. It’s done by the same group of people, as far as I know, but it isn’t licensed by the same company. There isn’t anything you need other than a PC and an internet connection. The program works by uploading your save to their server, decrypting it then sending it back to you. If it’s like before then you’ll have the option to edit your save in hexadecimal or just use “quick codes” that are as simple as clicking a check box and hitting apply. The save will then be uploaded again to their server, the save encrypted and sent back to you with your codes applied. With the PS3 there were other programs but they made you use checksums, which aren’t a cake walk to understand, and compression. This program is as simple to use as any can be. You simply click a cheat you want added and hit apply.

Here is a list of currently supported games but keep in mind this will constantly grow.

As stated before, I will put together a nice tutorial for you guys to be able to learn to mod your own saves and even write some of the more basic codes. If you guys have questions feel free to hit me up on twitter, @johnfrazarjr or ask a question here. If you can find me on Facebook you’re welcome to ask there too but sometimes I don’t see PMs for a while on Facebook. Thanks for reading guys and as always… Happy Gaming and PRAISE THE SUN!!!


Click here for the site to pick up the US/EU Save Wizard for PS4!

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  1. HI wird auch Cheats für sword online hollow realization ps4 raus kommen, währe super

  2. HI wird auch Cheats für sword online hollow realization ps4 raus kommen zb Gegestände modden.

  3. exactly what is so different about this then from Xploder? no matter how i look at it… the biggest limiting factor is being unable to send a save file to you USB stick due to it being copy protected. there is already an excellent cheat tool available on the market. one you can even create a save file from scratch to bypass the copy protection. can Save Wizard create saves from scratch? i don’t see any mention of it. so… exactly why would one spend $50 for a fresh product when one can get a tried and tested 100% working product for around $30?

    again, i ask… what can this offer that an already existing cheat tool can’t? anyone? very legit question… anyone?

  4. SwineAdam, i dont know what your reading or were your getting your information from but on Ps4 no saves are locked, well unless you dont have a PSN account.

    you say there is a cheat tool on the market that alows you to make a save from scratch what is its name because if you talking Xploder there not from scratch they are uploaded saves from other users that
    1 uploaded them to the NGU website or here on hackinformers,
    2 they used Save wizards codes on a starter save and called it there own

    why would we spend 60$ on SW when u can get xploder for 30$ because well FYI Xploder still does not work correctly, it still cant add codes to your own saves .. and you still cant do anything with your own saves, 90% of the stuff that Xploder says they can do is broken or half working

    and everything Xploder can do SW it self can actual do,
    so read the forums here or on the NGU u will see why people dont buy xploder

    • i own Xploder and you CAN make saves from scratch. which is what has to be done for Fallout 4, because the game has copy protected saves. you can’t copy them to external drives.

      you are saying something is wrong with Xploder, but i have NEVER had an issue with it.

      another thing is is that people at Save Wizard won’t even respond to inquiries. so, not only you pay double, but zero customer support offered. i have been waiting over a week now just to get a response to see if it will support Fallout 4. which, mind you, Xploder works with.

      all-in-all, still a legit question question. Xploder works just fine. not sure why someone would bother creating a new product and even charge double. again… legit question… why spend $60, when Xploder only cost $30?

      i am not trying to be an ass here, or create animosity. just seriously trying to understand… why spend double for something that has less titles supported and fewer features?

      P.S. not sure why i can’t seem to make another post using the same details as before.

      • Either you’re the luckiest person alive or just completely full of shit and I don’t believe in luck. Also, NO games are copy protected so stop lying there too.

        • something is seriously wrong with the people around here… when trying to copy a Fallout 4 save to any USB drive, the system tells you right then and there that it is copy protected and can’t be copied over.

          all-in-all, i was just trying to get a LEGIT question answered. if nobody can tell a person as of to why they should spend TWICE the amount of money for a product that is new and has LESS support than an already existing product… then so be it.

          be retarded, i don’t care.

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