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Older Vita Firmware Survival Guide
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★ Older Vita Firmware Survival Guide ★

If you found your way here you most probably just recieved a Vita with lower firmware and don't know what to do, right? To update or not to update! If you want to learn more on how to stay and survive on an older firmware, this guide is for you!

Everything from activating, linking, getting new content and manually updating will be covered here.

Some facts first:

On a lower firmware you can't connect to the PSN, sync trophies, play online and so on! So depending on what is more important to you, you'll need to decide for yourself if you want to stay or update. If you decide to stay on a lower firmware the most important things to have are a PS3 system, as its currently the only way for you to get new content and the custom content manager QCMA.

Currently the best 'golden' firmware to be on is FW 3.18 to make use of almost all hacks and tricks. Why that you ask? Go see yourself..

What you can do on lower FW: What you can't do on lower FW:
- activate and link to a PSN account - connect to PSN
- update games - sync trohies
- use friends or messages
- play online
..and everything else you could normally do - play games that need a specific firmware to run

How to avoid the forced update on the first-time-setup

How to activate and link a PSN account

How to get new content on the Vita

How to get new content on the PlayStationTV

How to manually update to a specific higher firmware

How to use Netflix

How to use a memorycard from a newer Vita without formatting

pkg bubble

If needed you can find a full list of all available exploit games here!

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Do I really need a PS3? Does it work with a PS4 too?

The PS3 is the only friend the Vita got. A PS4 doesn't work.

Is there any way to play games that need a higher firmware version?

Sadly no :/

When I connect the Vita to my PC it recognizes it as userXXX?!

It seem this Vita may not be correctly activated then!

Last updated:
November 28, 2017