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PlayStationTV Whitelist Patch

The PlayStationTV whitelist hack will allow you to play the 'unplayable games' blacklisted by Sony because they wouldn't work that well on a PSTV.

Note: There are two versions of this trick! Version 2 (v2) might be harder to install but should have even more compatability and is therefore replacing the first version.

Compatability list at http://vitareviews.net/

Note: camera or microphone depending games obviously won't work at that point in the story



Tutorials & Guides Compilation

[Tutorial] How to install the PSTV Whitelist Patch (v2) (3.60)

[Tutorial] How to install the PSTV Whitelist Patch (v2) (all firmwares)

[Tutorial] How to install the PSTV Whitelist Patch (v1) (outdated!)

[Tutorial] How to activate the WelcomePark on a PSTV

[Tutorial] How to get PS3 remote play working on the PSTV

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get banned for installing and using this?!

We don't know how sony is going to deal with this yet.

Can I make use of this on my Vita?

You can use the tricks but it would make no sense.

Last updated:
November 28, 2017