PSVita: Bullet Girls 2 trailer introduces new stage, system, items, & playable characters!

D3 Publisher has just released a seven minute second trailer for Bullet Girls 2 introducing the new “Shimakaze” stage, the “Touch Pantsu System,” a whole host of new Cross-Examination items, as well as playable characters Rumi Yukishiro & Meiko Hoshikawa!

D3 Publisher is bringing one of the sexiest shooters back to the Vita, along with new characters, new actions, new systems, and the same unapologetic fan-service from the first Bullet Girls!

The title follows a group of girls belonging to the “Ranger Club,” a school organization dedicated to training its members in defensive tactics. Just like the first game players will take control these girls and their guns on various third person military exercises consisting of armored tanks, choppers, bazookas, grenades, and more!

bullet girls

While the shooting is great fun, unarguably the main appeal of Bullet Girls is the clothes destruction mechanic. Battle damage inflicted reveals specific parts of the girls’ clothing; this can be targeted to reveal specific areas. To take it one step further, interrogation mini games revolve around groping and touching the girls as well as feeding them suggestive objects such as bananas, popsicles and fish sticks. The Interrogation System in Bullet Girls 2 has been expanded to include even more available situations. D3 Publisher has also teased further systems and updates that “users have been waiting for.”

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As for the previously mentioned undergarments, just like the previous title, players can build a collection by destroying the corresponding parts of enemy targets during missions. Not only just cosmetic, with over 120 different varieties (making for over 14,400 combinations) these bras and panties offer stat and gameplay bonuses, so there’s definitely an added value incentive which can be used to strengthen and support your characters on the field.

With these new details, it looks like this guns, anime, and fan-service title is becoming something that fans of this genre can really enjoy. Get in position and pre-order before the April release

Bullet Girls 2 (PlayStation Vita, JPN)
US$ 56.99 pre

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