3DS Homebrew launcher now works on FW11.3

Earlier this week Nintendo release a new FW update to the 3DS and this one actually went after homebrew. It patched a lot of stuff that should have been patched a long time ago like RXTools and other old hacks, you read more about what stopped working here. Just like normal, hackers got to work seeing what they need to fix to get homebrew launcher working again on FW11.3.

Less than a few days ago by and bam, they fixed the homebrew launcher but for CFW something still needs to fixed for it to work and that shouldn’t be too hard at all. Nintendo may have put a bump in the road with this new FW but in no time I can see things will be back to like they were before, just takes time and effort.

Homebrew Launcher:

  • Added support for *hax payload v2.9(which added system-version v11.3 support).


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  1. I used 3ds.guide to upgrade my son’s N3DS so that I could dump his cartridges to the SD card and play them from there. Where do I go to understand what I did? There’s sysnand, and emunand, and lots of other stuff I don’t understand but I want to understand. What should I read? Because I haven’t seen anything yet that explains what I’m doing.