Quake2CTR – Quake 2 on your 3DS

The 3ds has already seen quite some nice ports and it’s time to add a new Game to this list with Quake 2. This is a completely functional and really great port by MasterFeizz. It even features online and local LAN play. Also, this works quite well on old3DS and 2DS as well as on a New3DS.Quake2CTRIf you want to see Quake2 in action on a 3DS you can watch this video by TCPixel:

You can also see a few Screenshots taken by me on an old3DS XL here..

But let’s start with how do I even play this?
You need a 3DS with CFW, your 3DS DSP dumped and the original Quake 2 Files. Specifically the baseq2 folder.
If you don’t have your 3DS DSP (Digital Sound Processor) dumped yet just use this simple tool to dump it

So all you need to do is the following:
1. Download the latest Quake2CTR .cia
2. Move the .cia file to your 3DS SDCard and copy the original Quake 2 baseq2 folder to /3ds/quake2/ so that it now looks like this:

3. Just install the .cia now and then you can start playing Quake2 on your 3DS.

Since I didn’t find any controls for this I decided I’ll just make a simple overview of the controls here:
Analog Stick = Moving
A/B/X/Y = Camera Movement
Touchscreen left of the Hotkeys = Camera Movement

Dpad-Right = Weapon Change
Dpad-Left = Weapon Change
Dpad-Up = Confirm Weapon change?
Dpad-Down = Drop Weapon

L-Trigger = Jump
R-Trigger = Shoot

Select = Pause/Game Menu
Start = Does Nothing?

Touchscreen Hotkeys
T1 = Fast Weapon Change
T2 = Inventory Overview
T3 = Not set/Can be set
T4 = Not set/Can be set
T5 = Crouching

Now two simple things that I found while playing this Game. Sometimes for no reason, my Character would just slowly walk left and the Sound is not working to nicely.  The Sound often has static noise in it when for example a voice is saying something, the enemies scream or a plane flies by.

All in all, this is a very great port and I can’t wait to see more of this.

Source: MasterFeizz

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