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PSN Bans Due to PayPal and it’s Aftermath

Yesterday, thousands of PlayStation Network users found themselves banned. Knowing PSN’s method of notifying you, they were most likely emailed automatically by the system but not told why they were banned, causing massive panic. If you were one of those people, this is your story. If not, here’s the full story of …

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History of PS Vita at E3 conferences

One of the loudest rumours concerning this year’s E3 was the one hinting that Sony Playstation might announce PS Vita’s successor. Well, it was rather a wish of the fans without any backing, the wish which didn’t come true. Sony have stated numerous times that the handheld industry wasn’t healthy …

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How to manually Update the PS4 Firmware & 1st of April Surprise by @qwertyoruiop

Something is going on in the PS4 scene and it seems it’s not an April fools joke after all. As some of us [email protected] released a WebKit exploit for PS4 Firmware 4.06 a few days ago which theoretically works with any 4.0x Firmware but because of hardcoded Memory Addresses it …

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