WiiU: CEMU ver1.5.0 released & it just keeps getting better

Cemu is promising WiiU emulator for your PC, and it just keeps getting better. In this video you can see that Super Mario 3D World is running at full speed with Cemu, and looking like it’s doing 60fps. The latest release happen over the weekend bring it up to Ver:1.50 and from the video its doing a great job.CemU

Now patreon donators can download the latest build of CemU (v1.51). It’s always good to donate to a project like this and as a reward you probably get experimental builds & updates to bug fixes. Here’s the latest Patreon release.CemUver1.5.0

CEMU detailed changelog for 1.5.1 Patreon release

  • Input: Fixed input for controllers with off-center axes Input: Added axis range scaler (50% to 200%)
  • H264: Fixed a bug in H264DECMemoryRequirement() that could lead to a crash.
  • CPU: Added new instructions to recompiler: ps_mr, ps_sel, ps_l/ps_st type 6, stfdx CPU: Recompiler will now utilize BMI and AVX instruction set to generate faster code (if supported by host CPU) CPU: Fixed a bug in code generated by recompiler for FSUB & FSUBS where the result would incorrectly become -0.0 instead of 0.0
  • AX: Added API AXSetVoiceSrcRatio() AX: Fixed a bug in voice volume update AX: Increased audio volume AX: Added logging for audio API
  • GX2: Fixed wrong colors for certain texture dump formats GX2: Fixed vertex ordering for special cases when PRIMITIVE_RECTS is used GX2: New implementation for tiling aperture. Still heavily work-in-progress.
  • Edit: sound is much better, a noticeable speed increase and some gfx fixes when I tested Mariokart 8

Download: Cemu 1.5.0 public release

You can also check out the CEMU Game Compatability .
CEMU Game Compatability

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