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PGS makes its way onto Kickstarter & reaches their goal in less than 24hrs

Good news everyone!

The most wanted windows consoles for gaming in development by PGSlabs is on Kickstarter now.PSG portable


PGS is a portable gaming console with Windows onboard (also comes with Android in Dual boot mode), which will be capable of running all games for PC, including those of AAA class of the current generation. Here some info directly from PGSLAB:


  • CPU – Intel® Atom™ x7-Z8750 Quad-Core 2.4GHZ
  • DISPLAY – QHD IPS 2560×1440 (5.7*) (HD IPS 1280×720 (5.5*) for PGS Lite)
  • GPU – Intel® HD Graphics 600 MHz 16 cores
  • RAM – 8GB LPDDR3 1600 (4GB LPDDR3 1600 for PGS Lite)
  • OS – Windows® 10 (64-Bit), Android 6.0
  • STORAGE – 128GB SSD (64GB SSD for PGS Lite)
  • COMMUNICATION – 802.11a/b/g/n/ac + Bluetooth® 4.0 + 3G/LTE (without 3G/LTE for PGS Lite)
  • BATTERY – Li-Po 6120mAh battery (Li-Po 4080mAh battery for PGS Lite)
  • ADDITIONAL – USB 3.0 Host, HDMI 2.0 Host, 3.5mm combo, Built-in 5.0 speakers (2.0 for PGS Lite), Built-in cam and webcam (8.0MP/2.0MP) (5.0MP/1.3MP for PGS Lite), Second HD IPS display (4*), Telescopic analog sticks (basic analog sticks for PGS Lite).
  • SIZE – 164.1 x 84 x 1.8 mm (160.0 x 81 x 1.4 mm for PGS Lite)
  • WEIGHT – 320 g. (245 g. for PGS Lite)

The goal of $100.000 is almost there in just about one day! This means that the product has convinced many people and promise to be-be the next killer device for gaming.

Check out their super early prototype of it below.

If you want to back the project you can visit the page here.

Stay tuned on Hackinformer and my Twitter @roccocannale for further updates.

See y’all!

Update: Less than one day on Kickstarter and they have already reached their goal.

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  1. Yeah!!!!
    I was waiting for your article.
    Keep the good work

  2. Look little bit fishy

  3. PCMR seems to be giving this thing a real backlash for some reason. https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/4qzzic/portable_console_that_plays_pc_games/

    Do you have any 2 cents on what the hate is about Rocco?

    • Rocco Antonio Cannale

      Unfortunately the web give voice to everyone, clever and stupid people. The trend nowadays is to destroy everything just because behind a screen everything is possible. But for a guy like me and everyone here at hackinformer, just the concept is awesome, and just in case the project will be a failure in pc games, it will become a perfect emulation station with Windows as base os that support tons of emulators. So my answer is, the tech world is full of fanboys that need to have the product already there and working. Those people should know that a decent gaming pc has a productive cost of less than 150$ but companies have thought the market that a good product can’t be cheap. I bet those people with a Raspberry Pi in their hands are capable of throwing it and say “this shit is useless”.
      I hope my point is clear

      • Yeah it is sad. I bet this thing can run Fable 1, something my very first computer just had the system requirements to do. As soon as I get the monz, I’ll totally buy this.

        At least that thread had a very small amount of the community in it. I think the ironic thing is is the fact that this thing and the GPD Win are the perfect PCMR sidekicks for full on portable gaming seeing as this thing can most likely do DS and when the emulator is at a playable state, 3DS emulation and would be better for it than the GPD Win.

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