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Hexkyz breaks down all the dangers of the MIG Switch Flashcart for the Nintendo Switch!!!

In Mike Heskin @hexkyz latest tweet thread he breaks down everything he knows about this Flashcard and how it works. We took this whole thread for you to read all in one spot and it’s a must read especially if you are thinking of getting one.  “Online, Nintendo has the …

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SX OS 2.5 Beta Released

Man, Team Xecuter just keeps pumping out the updates. Now, granted, this may be the last one for the year since it ends on a solid number like 2.5. But who knows, maybe we’ll see a Christmas release. For now, let’s get down to business and show you what the …

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hactool 1.2.2 now supports Nintendo Switch FW 6.2.0

Things are starting to fall back into place since the release of FW 6.2.0 as hactool 1.2.2 now supports Nintendo Switch FW 6.2.0!   Compilation is still annoying, so a pre-compiled build is provided for Windows users. Since the last release, the following bugs were fixed: To use hactool you’ll need to …

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How to Dump Nintendo Switch Game Cartridges with WAINCartDumperNX

Scene Group BigBlueBox has been dumping Switch Cartridges for quite some time now. We could also dump Nintendo Switch game cartridges well some parts of our Cartridges via Homebrew thanks to Pegaswitch but we could never create a complete encrypted copy of our Cartridges as an XCI file. This all changes …

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XCI-Explorer lets you view your Nintendo Switch Game Backups, its Certificate & more

We have yet to see a utility for us Users which allows us to do a full XCI Game Backup with all Partitions and not just the normal Game Partition as NCA but with Scene-Group BBB having released quite a few Games in XCI Format already and Team Xecuter using …

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