Tinfoil with XCI support released!

There have been a number of ways of getting XCI files to work on the Nintendo Switch, some of these methods have been converting them to NSP format in order for it to launch. Team Xecuter CFW S.X pro was the only way to transfer XCI files on the Switch and launch them with little to no hassle.

Well, today that has changed, the guys at Tinfoil website have released tinfoil 1.48 which will allow you to install XCI files on the Nintendo Switch without converted them first to NSP format and without having SX pro. It has been said that XCI files are a lot safer to install then NSP’s which can contain malicious code, and we all know the horror of Pokémon let’s go that shook the Homebrew world with malicious code. So with XCI, the installation would be cleaner and safer.


If you want to give this a try then proceed to the download link at the bottom. Please follow us @hackinformer for more news on Homebrew apps and hacks. 



  • Added XCI file installation (requires ACID patch)
  • Adding a standard crypto installation on the fly
  • Fixed some problems installing XCI with the atmosphere.
  • Standard crypto conversion requires minimal console firmware configuration





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