hactool 1.2.2 now supports Nintendo Switch FW 6.2.0

Things are starting to fall back into place since the release of FW 6.2.0 as hactool 1.2.2 now supports Nintendo Switch FW 6.2.0!


Compilation is still annoying, so a pre-compiled build is provided for Windows users.

Since the last release, the following bugs were fixed:

To use hactool you’ll need to insert tsec_root_key/master_kek_source_## into prod.keys manually just like any other keys.

-Support was added for 6.2.0+ new key derivation using tsec_root_key and master_kek_source_##.
-6.2.0 keydata will no longer be called “Unknown”.
-A bug was fixed involving argument violation to mbed_tls aes routines.

The following Switch file formats are supported:
-Package1 (PK11)
-Package2 (PK21)

“Keydata can be baked in at compile-time, or loaded from an external key file. See README.md and KEYS.md for details. In addition, a secure boot key + TSEC key + boot0 file pair can be passed in with an external key file to derive all keys it is possible to know given the information one has.”

Download: hactool-1.2.2



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