How to activate a PSVita & Playstation TV on a lower firmware!

It has been brought to my attention that we are in need of several tutorials so I will start with this one, since it’s kind of the starting point. This will be a tutorial on how to activate your Vita or Playstation TV on a lower firmware.


I know there are new people coming into the scene every day and the first thing they want to know is how do I get my Vita or Playstation TV activated so I can stay on a lower firmware since Sony wants me to update to connect to the Playstation Network. Well, here is all you will need to know in that department.

The first thing you should know is you absolutely must have a Playstation 3 to activate a Vita or Playstation TV on lower firmware.

If you have a Vita this first one will be for you. If you have a Playstation TV that you’re trying to activate skip to the PSTV section!

Activating a Vita

First, when you power on a new Vita it will go through a setup process. If you have already done this, which chances are you have, power off your Vita. Hold down the right trigger (R), the Playstation button and the power button all together. Once that’s done it will boot to a safe menu. Select restore system and let it restore. Once it’s finished you will need to go through the setup process again.  In that process you need to connect to a wifi access point and also input your PSN ID and password but be careful to NOT let it download the update. Once you get through the setup you should be on your vita home screen. I would, at this point, suggest going into settings and make sure to disable automatic downloading of updates. Once you’re sure there is no chance of it updating you need to go to your PS3 and log into the account you are using. Go to the PS Store, purchase and download a Vita or PSP game. Doesn’t matter which one. Obviously find one you like.

Once it’s finished downloading you will need either OpenCMA or QCMA. You can find a download link for both HERE! Once you have that installed you need to turn Wifi off and turn on airplane mode on your Vita, then power it off and back on. Connect your Vita to OpenCMA/QCMA and go into the content manager. Select transfer content. At this point you will want to disconnect the cable from your PC. You will get an error on your Vita. DO NOT close the error, leave it open. Connect the USB to your PS3 and you will see it pop up that a Vita is connected. Now you may close the error and tell it to connect to a PS3 via USB cable. You are now free to transfer a game to your Vita.

After you have the game transferred you can disconnect from the PS3. Once you launch that game from the Live Area your Vita will be activated on that account.

While I realize that was a little of a long read it won’t take much time.


Activating a PSTV

A Playstation TV is a bit different when it comes to activation. You MUST have a Playstation 3 to do this.

Since there is no USB cord to connect to a PS3 you will need VitaUpdateBlocker which can be found HERE. You need to download a PSP or Vita game to your PS3 from the Playstation Network on the account you want activated on the PSTV. Once the game is downloaded, you need to go through the setup process on your PSTV. Put in your Playstation Network ID and password when prompted but DO NOT update. Be sure to go into settings and turn off automatic updates if it is on.

Now, you will need to be on the same wireless network as the PS3. Open VitaUpdateBlocker on your PC and connect to it through proxy settings on the PSTV. If you need help with it I have a tutorial HERE that you can use. Once that’s done connect to the PS3. You’ll have to input a code to verify you want them to connect to each other. When they’re connected transfer the game from the PS3 to the Playstation TV. Once the transfer is complete you may disconnect and start the game. If everything worked right your PSTV is now activated.


Well, there you have it guys and gals. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I hope this helps!! As always… HAPPY GAMING!!!

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  1. Nice tutorial, some time ago had to update fw (3.51) to activate my second vita.

  2. Need to be a Vita Game? I’ve first transfered a PSP game, it activated my account, but the Vita name is always user### i would like to change this. Any way?

  3. 1.69 (fat psvita)no longer works before 10 months ago, yes, no more now

  4. Nice tutorial! but i think dumping your act.dat also helps in case you somehow lose the activation.

  5. I have not ps3
    please toturial to dump act.dat
    email:send?attach=tm0:…..act.dat error on my vita
    email:send?attach=ur0:user/00/…….act.db error on my vita
    please help me ……………..
    excuse me to bad speak english.

  6. pls how do i use one psn id account to activate more than 3 ps vita game play? i need your help tanx

  7. Please help

    Follow the tutorial but my console still asks me to activate via PSN and games that have branded me C2-12383-7 mistake and give me some code appears NW-5603-4

    My console is a

    Ps Vita fat
    OFW 3.51

  8. Just bought a PSTV, still on 3.30. I followed the tutorial but every time I try to connect I get a prompt to update. I’m assuming that is because vita update blocker only supports one firmware lower. Before I chose to update I thought I would reach out. Is there any way to activate on 3.30 without updating? Should the tutorial work? Am I an idiot? lol. I have a vita on 3.51 and a ps3 on current fw. Thanks

    • no you should be able to connect to the ps3 via pstv with vita update blocker, I have no problems with it and I’m on 3.50fw with my pstv. Make sure you have the proxy set right on the pstv and you can also see that vita update blocker is working on the pc.

      • I’ve used the update blocker in the past for my vita and it looked like everything was registering correctly. Glad to hear that the same method is working on 3.50. I will keep trying tonight when I get home, Thanks.

  9. So, I did try to use the VitaUpdateblocker to actually access PSN a while ago. But it seems that I am unable to access it.

    According to the dev, Sony _might_ be deprecating the certificates…

    Can you still use the VitaUpdateBlocker to go into PSN on FW 3.52? That would be very nice to know.

  10. All I want is to use that whitelist exploit on my PSTV. Will it still work if I keep the firmware of my PSTV on 3.30?

    • The whitelist hack will install so long as you are below 3.55. If you need to get PSN content on the lower firmware, you’ll need QCMA and Vita Update Blocker to transfer said content from PS3 to PSTV.

  11. I followed this method on my PlayStation TV, and it works beautifully for transferring digital games and DLC from my PS3 to my PSTV. My PSTV has the whitelist hack installed and is on firmware 3.52, so now I can freely play blacklisted games and get digital content without updating above 3.55. 😀

    I have a question though. Does this work for PS4 Remote Play too? In other words, can this Vita Update Blocker software also allow you to use the PSTV’s Remote Play app without updating to the latest firmware?

    • No as the PS4 gets new updates and then it will checks the pstv or vita to see if it matches what FW it calls for just like psn does when you are on lower FW.

  12. Anything possible to activate a Vita/PS TV without having a PS3, except for updating the software? I have a Vita with the latest and also want to use my games on my PS TV with the Vita Memory card.

    • Nope.. Sorry, even with the act.dat file you can’t do it as it doesn’t have the right id as each system is unique. So you are just going to have to find someone with a PS3.

      • I now found out, that my new PS TV has 3.20 preinstalled, which is suitable for the Whitelist hack. What occurs, if I install the modified whitelist and then update to 3.60 (to use my European PSN account, existing Vita Memory Card and Vita games with it) afterwards (but not update the Live Area)? Will the whitelist be overwritten?

        • No, just make sure you do both whitelist hacks ver 1 and ver2. When you do ver2 it will stick with it just like custom themes. Then make a backup of the whole system before you update to play it save, better to be safe then sorry.

          • Does Vitablocker still working?
            As i know vitablocker for ps vita is not working anymore…
            Am I wrong?
            Vitablocker was something which is working for about 2 weeks after new fw released.

            So with a PS TV with fw3.52 can i still use vitablocker to connect to ps 3, so i can activate, install ark, tnv, not just do the whitelist hack?

          • Yes it still works but only on the pc and ps3. It can’t get you into the store anymore. But its great for activating the devices with the pc and transferring games with the pc

          • So basically, I’m safe if I do anything PS Store related (get PSN-only games, get DLCs) on my Vita and use this memory card with my PSTV?

        • Personally, I just play it safe and have two PSTVs. One for the whitelist hack and one for any compatible games requiring 3.55 or higher.

          • The white list hax work on 3.60FW as I can confirm this all day. I just tell everyone to make backups before updating.

          • How can I do a backup of the 3.20, since 1) its not activated and 2) requires a PSN link for the backup (<- requires latest)?

          • you can’t but I can say that the whitelist ver 2 will stick but to both ver1 then ver2, just don’t let it rebuild the database. You can login at the store and just download something like a demo or a game you have or go to the setting and activate it through the options in there.

          • The modified app.db is now installed, but I didn’t update to 3.60 atm. If I do the update, I can link it with my PSN, activate it and also use my existing Vita Memory Card with the existing games and save data?

          • Yeah you can swap around memory sticks they just have to be on the same account and same FW. Once you do activate it I would do a system backup, before swapping memory sticks and what not. Like I said before it’s better to be safe than sorry.

          • Ah, thanks.

            Its now on 3.60, activated and linked to my PSN account. The memory card was instantly recognized, and the non-PSTV games work like a charm with it. As for now, I disabled network settings so that it doesn’t get me on the nerves with something.

            Its just a shame, that trophies are saved on the internal storage and not on the memory card within the save data.

            Which brings me to the next question: Is the whitelist overwritten, if I let it sync my local trophies on PSTV with the ones on PSN?

            And does using the PS+ cloud storage count as “updating the Live Area”?

          • Hmmm. well if you did both whitelist hax you should be ok. But if something were to happen you could just fall back on the backup you made when everything was working.

          • Okay, seems that just syncing trophies is fine and does not rebuild or refetch the “original” database. The next I will try test, if it is safe to up and download the save data to and from the cloud storage (PS+ users).

    • PS3s are relatively cheap now. Last week I saw a brand new one at JB Hi-Fi selling for less than $300AU. Preowned ones you can get for less than $200AU

  13. If I get DLCs and updates for the games using my Vita and put the memory card into my hacked PSTV, it should work without rebuilding the database, as long as both have the same software version and are linked to my PSN account, am I correct?

  14. Help! (Sorry for my bad english)

    I bought myself a PsTV and want to activate it with the ps3. I followed the tutorial step by step but it didn’t work out for me. Maybe i did something wrong.

    Step 1 – Turned on the console, filled in my e-mail and password and deactivated auto-update.
    Step 2 – Downloaded and installed QCMA, downloaded and opened the VitaUpdateBlocker v 1.2.
    Step 3 – Setup the Proxys on PC, PsTV and Ps3.
    Step 4 – I tried to connect my PC with the PsTV serveral times but it still asks me to update the PsTv.

    When i tried to connect, QCMA registert my PsTV and said it is connected. But everytime i left the Window where the system asks for update, QCMA disconnects with the PsTV.
    All the systems are on the same wifi-network and all the proxy settings are correct. Firmware is 3.20, maybe thats the problem. Could the firmware be to low for the procedure? I did take a look into the advanced settings… I don’t know anything about that stuff but i saw in the cma protocoll selection, there isn’t a protocol of the firmware 3.20 listed. I don’t know what to do 🙁 please help me…

  15. Does the 3.61 update affect the modified app.db? From what I’ve read, they only fixed the exploit used for HENkaku (and the update is mandatory for online services).

  16. wait a millisecond you cant even log-in before updating after reset

  17. I set up everything as instructed but i still can’t get my PSTV to connect. They “should” have the same PSN account. When i don’t have Vita update blocker running, My PSTV can detect my PS3. I can’t connect to it because I get some sort of “nw-xxxx-x” error. When I have Vita Update Blocker running, The option to connect to my PS3 is grayed out. I have the proxy settings correct on my PS TV

  18. Does this still work for PS tv on firmware 3.60? Trying to figure out how to get a PSP demo on it so I can use adrenaline

  19. Hey guys! Does this method still works?