PSTV hits all-time low price!!!

Hello, gents and ladies. Thought I would drop by and give you a quick update on something.


If you’re at all interested in a Playstation TV then you can’t beat the new low price. According to my source,, the PSTV is now on sale at Sony’s very own website for the ultra-low price of just $19.99 USD!!

That’s right. For $20 bucks you can enjoy almost all of the Vita features right on your 50 inch plasma if you wish.


You definitely need to grab them while they’re hot. There is a note on the Sony store that says they will stop taking orders at 1PM PST on August 28th which is tomorrow. ACT NOW!!! Here is a direct link to the purchase page… LINK REMOVED!

NOTE: It seems they sold out fairly quickly and have removed the page altogether. Sorry.

Thanks for reading and as always… HAPPY GAMING FROM THE HACKINFORMER TEAM!!!

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  1. I’d take one.. 🙂

  2. Not available anymore.

  3. Aaaaand… is gone.

  4. fitting price for this device, you get what you pay for ;p

  5. It could be free and I’d still refuse. Many games are not and will never be compatible. Not even for decent reasons. Controls should be changed to fit all platforms or it shouldn’t be on the vita platform period. This device is a hunk of shit.

    • actually you are right. these pricedrops might hint future of this device and if i retrospectively look at what i expected from it back in 2013 i can only say it failed splendidly.