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How To: Jailbreak iDevices using unc0ver

And just like that, hot on the heels of another unc0ver release, we’ve got the instructions for you. This is for those who are starting from scratch and need assistance getting the whole thing up and running. If that’s you, just know some of the screenshots still say a 4.x.x …

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How To Resign unc0ver using AltStore

Recently we discussed that unc0ver had been released for all devices on iOS 13-13.3, if you want to read about it or see the instructions, click here. If you’re already jailbroken with unc0ver and you installed it via AltStore as the official method states you should, you may need help …

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unc0ver 4.2.0 Released!

This is an updated version of the article that was released yesterday. We just wanted you to know that 4.2.0 is out now and has some new improvements over the last iteration. Any picture you see is still relevant even if it says 4.0.0 instead of 4.2.0. We’re going to …

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unc0ver Updated to 3.5.0, Now Supports iOS 12.4!

Holy smokes! Nobody really saw this coming, but there is now an official jailbreak for (most) iDevices on 12.4! I could barely stand the excitement, so I rushed to the computer to write up this article for you giving you all of the details. I myself was on 12.0.1 (or …

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unc0ver 3.4.0 is Out Now!

Things just keep chugging along for the widely used unc0ver jailbreak. Today’s newest major flagship release is no exception, either. What does it have for you? Should you update to it (spoiler alert: the answer is yes)? Let’s dig in! Improvements since the 3.3.0 pre-release we covered a while back. …

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unc0ver Updated To 3.1.0 With So Many Improvements!

The unc0ver jailbreak (for iOS11-12.1.2) has been around for a hot minute now, as you all know. But that doesn’t mean that it is done being supported. The whole team that released it are still working on it and have just now released version 3.1.0 with a whole heap of …

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