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Total_Noob Releases TN-V9

Total Noob has just released TN-V9 for lower firmware. So you can download it directly on your PS Vita via the ‘System Update’ option on the XMB in TN-V or grab the files here: http://hackinformer.com/TN-V/release_tnv9.rar Changelog: * Added Pete’s PEOPS SPU plugin which emulates PS1 sound.* Added ‘PEOPS SPU configuration’ to recovery menu.* …

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PSVita Firmware 3.XX Kexploit Drama

Well it was bound to happen, in a scene already laden with drama, news has surfaced of a kexploit running TN-V on firmware 3.12. My thoughts on the subject? Who cares right now. First off, 3.10-12 was only released like a month ago which patched the kexploit that TN-V was …

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3.01 Exploit Release *Numblast*

It didn’t take long for private exploits to start being released, as like with every firmware, Sony always seems to patch them. Numblast is the ‘Field Runners’ of 3.01, it is fast, cheap $2.99, and takes up 36mb of space. I’d recommend getting it for anyone on 3.01 it is …

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