Total_Noob leaves the psp/psvita scene..


You probably already heard the news about, Total_Noob leaving the PSP and PS Vita scene. It’s time for him to move on and focus on other things. Total_Noob has gave us great hack’s for the psp and psvita system for the past few years. He is probably known best for his work on the PSVita with his kernel exploits, that really lit up the vita scene. Click here to check out PSVITA DEV WIKI to see this work for the psvita.


Here is a Quote from wololo:” it is worth mentioning that Total_Noob was active on the PSP scene way before his work on TN-V for the Vita. He actually released the first kernel exploit ever on the psp go, back in 2010. Talking “only” about his recent work on TN-V with the vita is not necessarily doing full justice to his entire work, but it is probably what people think of the most when they think about his work today. For some juicy slices of history, you can check all our TN related articles in our archives

This is one dev the PSVita seen will be missing dearly. So, if you’re one of the lucky people that have an exploit and running TN-V this maybe the last time you ever see something like this for the Psvita.

I personal want to thank Total_Noob for letting me have the honor of testing all of this work and asking my input on what could be added or changed to TN-V4. We became really good friends as time pasted on and he was even teaching me all of the cool tricks. He even helped me with my own exploit. So thank you for everything Total_Noob. The psp/psvita scene will miss you..

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