3.01 Exploit Release *Numblast*


It didn’t take long for private exploits to start being released, as like with every firmware, Sony always seems to patch them. Numblast is the ‘Field Runners’ of 3.01, it is fast, cheap $2.99, and takes up 36mb of space. I’d recommend getting it for anyone on 3.01 it is cheap, and you just start the game and it loads directly into TNV. So get it while you can either on a PS3 or with Charles/SKFU proxy. If you are looking for the game in Japan it is called Qruton. Files will be uploaded soon.

Thanks to @qwikrazor87 for this one…

Download Files.

Numblast AS

Numblust EA

Numblast US
I’ll be updating this page as more private exploits are released.

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  1. I doubt they will remove this game, there is no point on doing it, since you’re supposed to be on the latest firmware to download the game.
    Is like removing Fieldrunners now

    • Yeah it’s not going to happen and hopefully alot of people can use Charles proxy or a ps3 to get it.

  2. hackinformer where are the files/?

  3. Trying to do this exploit and not sure why it’s not working. Game is just loading normally. Is there something I’m missing?

    • Are you on 3.01 and then it loads you need to hold down the right trigger to get it load the recovery menu.