Wololo giveaway exploit game leaked! Get it FAST!


Persona 2 Innocent Sin has just been released as a public exploit game. Right now it is available for the US/EU regions. For those of you that have entered our contest this is NOT our private exploit we are giving away. We still have ours to give away to a few lucky people. Anyway, Persona 2 Innocent Sin is on sale in the US store for $9.99 so get it FAST if you need an exploit. The recent trend is about 24-48 hours before Sony pulls the game.  Download the exploit game saves HERE.

92e19330dca007db09bc5010.LDo NOT download the PS1 game called Persona 2 Eternal Punishment it will not work, It is NOT a PSP game.

Source: Wololo.net

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  1. Who released the exploit? I thought he said he would not do that anymore.

  2. whew there’s been too many xploits leaked for 3.01 lately ,,,

  3. hope the one’s that really need it can get it,

  4. 9.99$ in the US store … 30€ in the Euro Store O_o … Damn!
    Thank you for the info… but i will let it pass this time ^__^

    Keep up the Good work guys 😉