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Hardware Review: EZ-Flash Jr. for GB/GBC

It’s been a little bit of time since we’ve covered a flashcart for handhelds. Well, that empty streak ends now! Thanks to SenkoGames.com we have a EZ-Flash Jr. to give you the skinny on. So without further ado, break out your OG Gameboy or Gameboy Color, we got work to …

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Hardware Review: EZ Flash Omega-Definitive Edition for GBA

Today’s review is the EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition. The GBA is a very personal handheld for me. I had a GBA that I shared with my foster mom when I was 16 or so. She would make me and my foster brother get up Saturday mornings with her and …

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Review: EZFlash Omega, Flashcart for GBA

With the immense popularity of Classic consoles in recent years, the influx of Retroarch, and people’s nostalgia, it’s no doubt that people love retro games. Sure we all still buy the newest and best-looking game, but we still love to play the old ones. So I thought we’d get our …

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