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3DS Multi EmuNand Creator Released!!

User DarkMatterCore has been working on a very interesting project. He has discovered that you are able to write up to 4 different emuNANDs on one single SD card. His project has matured to the point of having a decent GUI and is very user friendly. The program is compatible …

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3DS: Ninjhax 2.0 a definite possibility?

Homebrew for the 3DS Firmware 9.7 is looking good for the near future! Smealum, once again, has hinted at developing another ninjhax for 3DS Firmware 9.7. @nickcullihall there will likely be a ninjhax 2.0 based on regionfour in the near-ish future. no promises though. — smea (@smealum) May 7, 2015 …

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Gateway 3DS Ultra Beta 3.2 releases

The latest release brings N3DS users the ability to boot Gateway Menu without Cubic Ninja or Ocarina of time. Sadly, there is no support for the latest EmuNand 9.7 for N3DS users. Support is promised at a later date and I’ll keep you updated when this is achieved. Changelog for …

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Libretro (RetroArch) on Nintendo 3DS

The Libretro team has been working very hard to bring you Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color and Genesis (Mega Drive) emulators. Thats right new emulators to try out on the 3DS of yours!!! 🙂 At the moment these emulators are experimental, but have a very promising future in the homebrew scene …

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