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3DS: Ninjhax 2.0 Release

Since May 5th, I have been talking about this release and today it has finally come to fruition. You can read about the older post here and since then a lot of stuff has happened. Going from incorporating region four with the homebrew launcher, starting a thread for graphic designers …

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3DS Multi EmuNand Creator Released!!

User DarkMatterCore has been working on a very interesting project. He has discovered that you are able to write up to 4 different emuNANDs on one single SD card. His project has matured to the point of having a decent GUI and is very user friendly. The program is compatible …

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3DS: Ninjhax 2.0 a definite possibility?

Homebrew for the 3DS Firmware 9.7 is looking good for the near future! Smealum, once again, has hinted at developing another ninjhax for 3DS Firmware 9.7. @nickcullihall there will likely be a ninjhax 2.0 based on regionfour in the near-ish future. no promises though. — smea (@smealum) May 7, 2015 …

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