GATEWAY ULTRA 3.2.2 and what does bring to the old 3DS


Well today team GATEWAY released its ULTRA 3.2.2 beta. There were no big changes as the gateway team only had this to say… Gateway_Ultra_insert

“This is just a quick update for Old 3DS Emunand, bringing support for the latest 9.8 system firmware. We’re still very busy with many interesting things, more to come soon! And as always, ENJOY!”

So what did they fixed or updated other than just a small fix for Old 3DS Emunand?  Well, in this update our friend Smoke noticed that it brought back two titles that had disappeared on 3.2.1 with 9.8fw for him. They are: Sonic Generations and Majoras Mask. There could be even more games out there that may work for you that didn’t on 3.2.1 with 9.8FW.

Lets thank Smoke for the quick info on the GATEWAY ULTRA 3.2.2 beta and you can download it here

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