3DS: Ninjhax 2.0 a definite possibility?

Homebrew for the 3DS Firmware 9.7 is looking good for the near future! Smealum, once again, has hinted at developing another ninjhax for 3DS Firmware 9.7.

Personally, I think the 3DS is a fun system for all and it has an amazing library of games for everyone. If you’re still having trouble finding a 3DS on FW9.2 or lower, now’s the time to buy one.

Now I would NOT recommend updating past FW9.7 and see what fruits may bear from this development.  Smealum has put his source code of RegionFour up on github and can be accessed by clicking here. You could be looking forward to enjoying Ninjhax, Rx Tools, NTR CFW, Gateway and much more on FW9.7 for all models for the 3DS!!!


We could have another excellent year for the 3DS scene and now is a good time to prepare yourself. Don’t be left in the dust! Here’s my guide to finding a 3DS on the right Firmware..


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