Enable Testkit features on your retail Vita with Testkit Installer Deluxe

After numerous tests by many people, it’s now finally possible to enable most if not all functionality of a Testkit Vita on a Retail Vita. Thanks to research by Voxel, Zecoxao, PSVitaDevTestKit95, SKGleba, CelesteBlue and Modz2014 this has been tested and debugged several times and is now fully working with a Testkit Activation time of around 32341 days. I’d say that’s more than our Vita will ever see 😉

To install this all that you need is Henkaku Enso installed and the VPK of Testkit Installer Deluxe.

Download: Testkit_Installer_Deluxe.vpk

1. Install the VPK
2. Start Testkit Installer Deluxe and confirm that you understand the risks of installing this.
3. Click “Install Testkit Firmware”. It will now automatically install all the required files. When it’s done it will prompt you to press “X” to reboot your Vita. If it crashes right when beginning to install the files just close the application and reboot your Vita.
4. That’s it. You now have the Debug Settings in the Settings app and you can also use the Testkit feature to add different PSN Accounts which is quite nice. If you want to uninstall this just run the installer again and choose “Uninstall Testkit Firmware”

It’s great to see things like this done and I hope to see even more stuff like this in the near future. The Vita sure as hell isn’t dead yet, it has more games than the Nintendo Switch does.

Source: Twitter

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  1. works great, but something interesting happened after the reboot, it seems all my ps1 games that are in ux0:pspemu/psp/game/ ect.. all my games appeared in the live area and whats crazy about it is that they’re official ps1 bubbles , whats funny is that I cannot launch them and recieve a error when trying to execute them. The error code is C0-8977-1, I even deleted them to see what would happen, it seems after deleting the bubbles it also deletes your actual ps1 games from the adrenaline. when launching adrenaline you can play your ps1 games normally but cant in live area. how strange. no idea how to make these ps1 bubbles work.

  2. Plugins seems to not work. She’ll bat doesn’t seems to appear after installation

    • use ShellSecBat it works perfectly, the original ShellBat doesn’t seem to work for some reason.

      • Even the download enabler doesn’t work. I have also ds4 and viimote plugins, don’t know if even this two works. Anyway, it’s worth to stay on REX version? What about to go online with this firmware?
        What gives more compared to CEX?

  3. Change the location to *Russia*….

    Goodbye AVLS


  4. This isnt the same that cex2rex?

  5. retail vita?, does this work with 3.65?

  6. Will this help get activated licenses per a account or at least on one running 3.60 cfw?

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