iOS 10 Weekend Jailbreak Roundup-8/6

I’m back again this week with another round up of tweaks. I’m going to try some different stuff here today and not copy my layout from weeks past or at least not 1 for 1. I just want to freshen things up a bit and maybe move some elements around to keep a sense of quality in my work.

Okay, so, if you were not present or weren’t able to stay caught up with us here on the site, there were rumblings of a 10.3.2 jailbreak. You can find those details by clicking here. We even have a tutorial on how to downgrade to 10.3.2 if you are currently on 10.3.3 (it should also work if you’re testing out a iOS 11 beta. You can find that tutorial by clicking here. Now that you’re caught up, onto the tweaks!

LockDroid (via Julio Verne Repo/Free)

For those hand full of people out there who love the iPhone functionality and trustworthiness but hate certain aspects of their device, wishing it was more like an Android, being jailbroken helps. It brings with it a plethora of Android tweaks to help make you feel better and acheive some of the Android features. Today, we have one such tweak, it’s on the Julio Verne repo. The tweak is called LockDroid. So you will have a lock screen from an Android yes, but technically this lock screen isn’t the default for all Androids. That doesn’t mean it should stop you from using it. It is the simply connect the dots to fulfill the pattern requirement that you have set for the device to unlock for you. If you do not already have Julio Verne’s repo, simply add the following link to your cydia.

FlashBar (via ca13ra1 Repo/Free)

Do you ever have those moments where you’re in a situation where you need your LED flash on your phone to be a flashlight. Then you swipe up to expose your Control Center, tap on the flashlight icon, and you use your flashlight. Once you’re done with it, you toss your phone onto a table or a couch and it lands light side down. You forgot to turn it off and you can’t tell that it’s still on. No worries man, because now, you have an extra way to remind you that your flash is on (aside from the obvious light). FlashBar resolves this issue by giving you an icon in your Status Bar at the top of your phone screen. This icon serves as a reminder that your light is still remaining on and you have yet to turn the light off. If you do not already have the ca13ra repo, simply add the following link to your cydia.

Boxy3 (via ModMyI Repo/$1.99)

Boxy is back bro! That’s right, the tweak that has had a kinship with iPhone jailbreaks for what feels like forever now, has returned. Boxy 3, in essense, let’s you control the distance away from each icon, every other icon is. You can control if they’re close to the center in a bunched up fashion. Or you can put your icons around the edges of the phone screen like a border. I really couldn’t find an end to what I could do with it, it seemed to be a good way to have full control over your icons. I was hard pressed to find a competing tweak that did the same thing for $1.99 or less (and does it so well).

IconKeyb1o (via BigBoss Repo/Free)

So this one is a strange one. You can press keys on your keyboard and if they have a corresponding emoji, it defaults to using the emoji. So you can literally do (as depicted below) numbers in a text and prevent the person from easily copying and pasting them into another app. Of course, that’s just where my dumb mind goes to. I’m sure there are more practical reasons for having a tweak like IconKeyb10.

FakeCallHistory (via BigBoss Repo/Free)

Hey guys! Do you need an alibi for a murder or other felony that you’re being charged with? Try FakeCallHistory from the BigBoss Repo! That’s right, you can now have fake phone calls listed that prove that you were doing something else at a certain time and you certainly were not robbing a old lady in her 3.2 million dollar mansion. This might also be good for teenagers to prove that they were at home talking to Katie all night on their phone and not out underage drinking with Katie all night. Thanks FakeCallHistory!

WakeTunes (via BigBoss Repo/Free)

This tweak does NOT wake you up with a song or music of your choosing. This is just a simple tweak that helps you out a little bit. At the end of every song that you are listening to on your device, it will wake the device up so that you can see the screen show the next song that is about to play. This helps for a variety of reasons, but ultimately, if you know your music by heart and don’t have it on shuffle, odds are that you won’t necessarily need this.

PlsIgnoreAlert (via BigBoss Repo/Free)

PlsIgnoreAlert is one of those tweaks that you can just install and go. There is no need for configuring and it does not install any apps or an entry in your Settings app. It just works. The tweak itself is designed to give you a Dismiss button on your alerts. This is mainly for alerts that have no way to shut them up other than to exit the app entirely. You might think, which apps are those? And the answer to that is the apps that detect that you are jailbroken, then tell you such and it just sits there on that alert waiting for you to simply close out of the app.

SwitcherCC (via BigBoss Repo/Free)

SwitcherCC is a combination of the App Switcher and the Control Center. This is the kind of tweak that I love the most. Something that helps reduce clutter and combines functionality. I need my phone to do exactly what it needs to do and not frivolous actions and backflips just to compete with other phones. So to have some control center functionality within the confines of the Switcher helps. Especially because sometimes it makes more sense to double tap your home button than it does to swipe up from the bottom (depending on which app you’re in).

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