Clone Official PSP Games bubbles on PSVita with any FW!

This just in thanks to our wonderful forum member GamersRebirthDL, we now have a way to clone any official PSP game and place it on any PSVita with any FW. That is right! You read this correctly. Clone any official PSP game and place it on any PSVita on any FW. Sounds like a dream right?! Well, it is now a reality. Here is a video tutorial at the bottom of the post and a quick rundown of what is needed.

It is a fairly straight forward process. Here is an image of the cloning when it is done. It can take as little as 10 minutes to clone these titles and make them fully playable on your PS Vita under any FW. On a scale of how easy it is from a 1 to 5 difficulty, 1 being the easiest; I would rate it a 1 on that scale. Once again just make sure you follow all instructions to the process.Picture from kingskidd268

The required tools are as follows:

PSP Game, Demo or Mini
HxD Hex Editor
Notepad ++

Make sure you follow each step to the fullest that is provided in the video, and at our forum post where GamersRebirthDL posted the instructions thoroughly. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comments below or the forum post (probably the best place to get the best help with this)where they may be answered.

*Disclaimer, once again follow all instructions fully and exactly as indicated. Hackinformer and GamersRebirthDL are not responsible if you come up with a bricked Vita for not following instructions but very unlikely. This is a fairly straightforward process which should have no issues. Make sure you follow all instructions and ask for help if you do not understand or are confused by a certain process.*

Special thanks to GamersRebirthDL for sharing this awesome tutorial of a much-requested process. Below is an image that GamersRebirthDL posted of his finished process.

Until next time, mgs2master2 out!


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  1. It is for those like me who want to run homebrew bubbles on 3.63 or 3.65 Ps Vita. You change the id to clone and then install the homebrew bubbles on your Vita.

  2. the point is so you have mutiple emulators for fw 3.65

  3. When you clone them and repack them with different emulators, will they all be the same image bubble or will they have the separate image bubbles like official games? If they have the same image bubbles is there a way to edit the image bubbles? Just asking bc that would get really confusing to have to guess/remember where different emulators are located, if they all look alike. Thanks again!

  4. the change into whatever you make them, NES, VHBL, SNES, ECT…..