Hail the great horned METAL GOD!!!

 With so many games, and so little time, it’s no wonder so many great games get overlooked, so let us tell you a gem of a game we’re hooked on, especially if you’re the type of gamer who gets really excited with Metroidvania titles and the Castlevania series: Slain: Back From Hell!Join Bathoryn – a doomed hero which mission is to save six realms before the evil clutches of the Demon Lords curse all of them for the eternity – during a perilous journey into darkness through deep dungeons, abandoned graveyards, and ruined castles. His path will be littered with traps and beasts of unspeakable nature. Fail and your homeworld will collapse…

Slain: Back From Hell is a cool indie Metroidvania game bloody packed with the gory art style, and heavy metal soundtrack. Armed with 3 deadly weapons and magic powers, Bathoryn must challenge a huge variety of monsters such as skeletons, flying ghouls, vampires, and many others. But, be prepared to learn from your mistakes because (instant) death is just around the corner!

Enjoy its distinctive retro style that emphasizes the dramatic plot. Everything from decaying bodies to howling werewolves will provide you the sensation of creepiness with blood flying when you hit the enemies. The energic old-style heavy metal music is simply stellar and will give you a HUGE boost during this long descent into hell.

When old school meets new school the result is simply excellent! Play with it to have an extraordinary experience, and – we’re sure – you will never stop playing it!

Slain: Back From Hell
PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita | Genre: Slashing Metroidvania

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