Possible Release Date For Permanent CFW For PS Vita!!!!!!

Hey everybody,
Have we got some exciting news for you!! For those of you that have been waiting for a permanent solution for all of your HENkaku needs, it seems Twitter user @pomfpomfpomf3 shared a rather cryptic tweet that had nothing but a web address of enso.henkaku.xyz.

Upon clicking it leads to a web page that appears to be promising a permanent solution for your FW3.60 HENkaku needs.

Upon arriving to the site you were greeted with a date of 2017/07/29 and the accompanying video below,

Now nothing more is said on the site so at this moment it is unsure if this will be released on that date. Until then we will have high anticipation for this amazing program when it does become available.

Thanks for reading and keep doing it for the Love of the Game.


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  1. Hell yeah! Just need an alternative solution for memory cards and its heaven.

  2. for 3.63? hah who am i kidding kek