Nintendo Switch Joy-Con accessories round up review

Silicone Joy-Con Covers

This super smooth silicone casing feels great and does not cause any slippage when using them. They are also relatively sweat resistant.  These will keep you from getting any of your hand gunk or any food that’s still potentially on your hands on your Joy-Cons.  They will not, however, keep you from getting anything on the buttons of your Joy-Con.  They slip onto the Joy-Cons with ease as long as you do not catch the thumbsticks on the thing as you’re putting it on.  It’s also great in the regard that it has rubber buttons to go over the Joy-Con release buttons that are on the back of each con.  Even more so, it has little rubber inserts inside of the silicone that fit inside the screw holes of the Joy-Cons so that it stays in place even better.


Silicone Thumb-stick Covers

So these come in a variety of heights and textures on the surface that your thumb sits upon.  There’s only really a few things that I can say about these.  First of all, they only work on the Switch thumb-sticks, they do not fit on either the PS4 or XBOX One controller thumb-sticks.  So if you think you can save yourself some money by buying these instead of the slightly more expensive ones for the other systems, just know it’s because they other systems have more complex thumb-sticks.  Secondly, I tested both the short thumb-stick covers and the tall thumbstick covers.  I don’t really see the purpose of either because since they’re made of this super soft silicone, it just simply causes your thumbs to slide off far too easily.  Even the one with the little studs does not have an improved grip because they little bumps are still soft and round at the top of each point.  You find yourself reapplying your thumb definitely more often than you should.  I would opt out for a more rubberized version if you can find one. In the picture below you’ll see that I applied the taller ones, and since they were so tall and also slippery, I had a hard time getting them on properly as well.

Silicone Joy-Con Grip Covers

This is probably my favorite piece of the whole thing.  It was like the enjoyment that I got from the Joy-Con silicone covers, but an all over the grip satisfaction.  The cover hugs the whole controller and feels great.  There are obviously some downsides.  The main one being that you have to have the Joy-Cons already in the device before putting the cover on.  This means you also have to take the cover off to be able to remove the Joy-Cons.  This may not be the designed intention, because you technically CAN get them out, I would not advise doing it with the cover on as it is a thin cover and can only be stretched so many times.  There are studs on the parts where your palms rest and this definitely does help the grip of your palms (unlike the thumb-stick studs) as they do not have to move very often.  All buttons are accessible and the thumb sticks have room to turn still without the silicone coming up too close to the range in which the sticks spin.  Below are the pictures of it, please ignore the red Power Ranger temporary tattoo that I put on the Joy-Con grip!

Note: All of these items can be found in various places on the internet.  I found them all in one set on eBay for ~$10, but AliExpress has a broader variety. Also our partners at PlayAsia have a lot of accessories for the Switch, plus you can use our coupon code: informer to save a few bucks too.

AliExpress – Joy-Con Silicone Covers

PlayAsia- Nintendo Switch Accessories

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