Nintendo Switch Crystal Shell Review

Recently we bought both Crystal shells for the Nintendo Switch to see the pros and cons of each one. The first Crystal shell we tried for the Nintendo Switch is by GameTech, it’s nice and will make sure your Switch does not get scratched up. The best part about this Crystal shell is the joy cons can separate from the display and you do not have to take anything apart.

Nintendo Switch Crystal Shell
The two things I found with this Crystal shell is you not able to dock it with it on. Next is it can be a little tricky to snap onto the Switch and if you’re not careful you can break the little tabs that it locks onto.
So if you would like to dock it you’re going to have to take it apart but only the shell that goes around the display.

If you have a Pro Controller you can just leave the joy con shells on there and dock it but if not you’re going to have to take the shell off the joy cons to slip it onto the joy con grip. Just be very careful when you’re taking it apart and putting it back together like I said those little plastic tabs can break very easily. But other than that it’s great for portability with the joy cons being able to separate from the display without taking it all apart.

The other Crystal shell by Cyber Gadget is a little different as it does not separate the joy-cons from the display and is one big shell for the whole Switch. You place the Switch into the shell and on the top is where you snap it together. Now just like the other shell, this will not let you dock the Switch with it on but this shell you can easily take on and off when you want to dock the Switch. Unlike the other shell and the little snap tabs on it that are easy to break if you are not careful. Both shells do their job and protect your Switch from getting scratched up and that’s what really matters keeping that Switch looking like its brand new.

Out of the two Crystal shells, we tried both have their good points and bad but I like the whole Crystal shell by Cyber Gadget as it’s very easy to take apart and dock the Switch.


Crystal shell by Cyber Gadget: Easy to take on and off when you want to dock the Switch

Crystal shell by GameTech: You can separate the joy cons from the display with the shell still on.



Both will not let you dock the Switch

Crystal Shell by Cyber Gadget: Does not separate the joy cons from the display

Crystal Shell by GameTech: Is not easy to take apart or snap back together


You can get either one of these Crystal Shells from our partners at PlayAsia and don’t forget to use our coupon code: informer to save a few bucks.

GameTech: Crystal Shell for Nintendo Switch (Clear) $10.99

Cyber Gadget: Protective Cover for Nintendo Switch (Clear Black) $13.99

Cyber Gadget: Separate Protective Cover for Nintendo Switch (Clear Black) $13.99

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