PSVita Native scene just keeps moving forward.

The PSVita native scene is just lighting up, as today Yosh ported over Coldbird’s Shell for the PSVita to Rejuvenate (aka uvloader). Now the menu is not 100% done and is still a work in progress..

uvloader promenu

If you like the tried out the menu on Rejuvenate here is the link.

Download: Menu shell.elf

We have even more good news, as Xerpi was able to get FTP Vita working on Rejuvenate. Xerpi has already ported CHIP-8 emulator for the 3DS to the Vita and gave us a homebrew sample. This is really getting exciting as more development keep happening in the Native Vita Scene. This is defiantly going to be one crazy summer filled full of excitement with Rejuvenate (aka uvloader)


If you would like to try any of  Xerpi’s work you can find them here at

Download: FTPVita

NOTEIf you want to run homebrew on your PSVita do NOT update to FW3.52.

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  1. Wow really cool!

  2. another good step forward is that psm for unity can run the exploit, that means pstv support is posible (psm dev for unity can debug via wifi).

  3. How to ps vita hacker software???

  4. How…do psvita game download…please Tell me Dod……

  5. Seriously? I assume you’re asking about pirated games which don’t exist at this point.

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